Anna Tenje (M): “Police presence must absolutely not be reduced”

The fact that the Araby area in Växjö will be downgraded from a particularly vulnerable area to a risk area arouses divided feelings among the chairman of the municipal board in the municipality.

Promise from the police

– I am of course very happy that the development is going in the right direction, but it must not in any way lead to a decrease in attendance because it has been the basis of the work, says Anna Tenjé (M).

Anna Tenjé also says that she received a promise from the police.

– We have been promised that the police presence will not decrease.

Targeted resources where it “bubbles”

Växjö municipality has a weekly reconciliation with, among others, the police to follow up the work on Araby and the efforts that are made to create a safer area.

– It is a huge job that is behind with various efforts from the municipality, the police and the Arabs, but it is a long-term job so it is important to keep up.

Among other things, the municipality has made sure to increase the adult presence in the area, had reconciliations with housing companies, police, fire brigade, social services, field workers and schools. Night hiking and moms in town have been part of the work.

– If we notice that there is a bubble around a school, for example, we have made sure to increase the adult presence there and redirect resources there. It is a joint work where the police, field workers and our security department played a major role, says Anna Tenjé (M).

“Want to take back their neighborhood”

The municipality has also worked with unsafe environments through camera surveillance and lighting. Tenje also wants to emphasize the importance of the municipality succeeding in connecting with the Arabs.

– It is an overwhelming majority who do not want anything better than to take back their district and this is a step in the right direction, with the exception of the tragic shooting death a month ago. The good forces win and the future prospects look good, Tenjé (M) concludes.

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Charlotta Svanberg, Elna Omanovic, Susanne Filipsson and Adela Sejdija are all working on the project “between mothers” at Araby. In the clip tell them why it is important. Photo: SVT/Clary Kroon

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