Annaba airport: large seizure on a passenger from Paris

The Algerian customs department said in a press release made public on its official page, that the elements of the customs of Rabah Bitat airport in Annaba have made a new seizure. Indeed, this concerns one of the travelers from Paris to France.

Indeed, the agents of the general inspection of traveler control proceeded to the seizure of 600 units of perfume. Who was with a passenger on the Paris – Annaba line. This is what the General Directorate of Customs confirmed in its press release.

Important seizure of perfumes at Annaba airport

This operation is part of the customs efforts provided by the operational services of the customs. An investigation will be launched to determine the destination of its perfumes. But also the underside of this operation. These investigations will make it possible to know by what means this traveler succeeded in passing such a number of perfumes from Paris airport.

This operation demonstrates a lack of vigilance on the part of controllers at Paris airport in France. Even if these perfume units were carefully concealed in the luggage of the traveler in question, such a quantity will not be able to pass easily through the baggage checkers at this airport.

Seizures multiply in Algerian airports

During the summer seizure, the elements of the PAF succeeded in several seizure operations. And this, in the various airports of the country. The majority of them were recorded at Houari Boumediene International Airport in Algiers. Indeed, several attempts were foiled. Covering in particular the illicit transfer of currency, valuables, but also narcotics.

As a reminder, last August, the customs services arrested another traveler. Who tried to smuggle the sum of 72,500 euros to Turkey. However, hidden in this luggage, this sum was seized and the passenger in question prosecuted for violation of the regulations governing the transfer of currency from and to Algeria.

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