Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine victim of a slight in C à vous (VIDEO)

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine has once again proven that she can make people laugh easily at her expense, like yesterday, when she was the victim of a small accident.

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Nightly, It’s up to you dissects the news. Political, cultural or miscellaneous, the chronicles follow one another to return to what made the headlines of the day. At the heart of the France 5 broadcast, there is Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. The defector from Canal +, who took over the presentation after Anne-Sophie Lapix, is a figure known to viewers, in particular because of her repeated blunders and giggles.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine victim of a good big discharge

This Thursday, November 25, the host has once again proven that she knew how to make a lot of laughs at her expense. And we didn’t have to wait long, since it was by taking stock of the situation in the kitchen, where a chef prepares a meal every evening for the second part of the show – in the company of guests from the cultural milieu – that Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine was the victim of a small accident. By presenting the meal of the day, made in particular of a fillet of trout accompanied by nettles and sorrel, 52 year old mom took a chestnut blow trying to see if the nettles were still stinging. We would like to tell you nothing, but yes: nettles still sting, even once cut. Result, a small shock for the facilitator: “I took a sick discharge”, she exclaims. An unexpected sequence that will provoke laughter from the columnists waiting around the table.

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A spicy meal with Etienne Daho

Noting that she may have frightened those present during the daily meal of C à vous, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine thought fit to specify that the nettle “will not sting all the time”, on the verge of laughter. The meal took place in the company of Etienne Daho, who was invited that evening. The singer thus confided to having had a past “scum” where he did not hesitate to steal cars, or rather to borrow them, causing a funny anecdote with old photos of his arrest.

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