Anno 1800: DLC "kingdom of the air" available from today

There are already numerous add-ons and DLCs for Anno 1800 – if you haven’t played the development strategy game for a while, you could be overwhelmed by the numerous new possibilities. Now Ubisoft has released a new downloadable content, with which airships can intervene as a completely new element in the game. The DLC “Empire of Skies” has been officially available since today, Tuesday, September 20 – you can find a trailer below in our news. “Reich der Luft” is the second DLC of the fourth season of Anno 1800.

The airships can be used to transport workers, but also to conquer islands or raid ships – the military capabilities of the airships suggest another innovation, because there are now anti-aircraft techniques. Even an airmail system will be integrated into the game, allowing the citizens of your islands to keep in touch with each other. The New World also gets new building materials.

Accompanying the innovations, the DLC offers the scenario “Battle of the Couriers”, in which you set up a postal service in the New World and, in the absence of ships, fall back on the airships developed by the main character Paloma Valente. The DLC “Realm of the Air” is available for EUR 11.99 or as part of the Season Pass for Season 4 (EUR 24.99).

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