Anno 1800: Finally information about the new Season 4 DLC – Stream to the kingdom of the air

The release of Reich der Luft is approaching: the new one DLC for Anno 1800 Season 4 should be available for download at the end of August. in one current blog entry is announced by Ubisoft Mainz, that players no longer have to wait long to find out concrete information about the expansion. “Over the next few weeks you can expect more news, teasers and of course the usual detailed devblogs with info on the airships, the new scenario and of course DLC 11 itself as we slowly get closer to the Release end of August approaching,” write the developers.

Live stream to kingdom of the air

In addition, one stands live stream to Reich der Lüfte for Anno 1800: On August 9, at 5 p.m., you will receive impressions of the upcoming expansion – and get to see the new scenario up close for the first time. The stream can be accessed as usual via the Developers’ twitch channel follow the link provided. As the name suggests, you go to Kingdom of the skies in the age of airships. For this you use new building materials from the New World, with which you impressive airships builds. Update 15, which will provide additional optimizations for Anno 1800, will also be released together with the Season 4 DLC.

Information about the Old Town Pack

The patch notes for the upcoming Anno 1800 update should be submitted later around the release at the end of August. After the release of Reich der Lüfte is again with Details about the Old Town Pack for Anno 1800 (buy now €18.00 /€53.99 ) to reckon with. The cosmetic DLC will be released in autumn and will contain ornaments from previous Anno games. Most recently, the makers presented the first sketches of medieval city walls.

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