Anno 1800: New world is getting bigger, more islands are coming – new DLC info

Ubisoft Mainz is preparing the DLC Rise of the New World for Anno 1800 ahead: The final add-on of Season 4 will be released on December 8th. The developers have already published the first concrete information about the new gameplay features. in one current blog entry the makers are now dedicating themselves to the expansion of the New World and the new islands that come with the DLC in the development game. As with other Anno games, the New World in Anno 1800 was a limiting factor in terms of space management. “The focus of Season 4 on the New World therefore meant a) offering new exciting mechanics and b) at the same time creating additional possibilities for increasing efficiency and saving space (for example hacienda farms or the commuter modules of the airship platform)”, share the developer with.

More building space for the New World

With the new DLC you get for the New world more building area. So it is expanded at the two northern borders and receives another strip of space for additional islands. The increase is the According to developers at 30 percent. As a result, the map is now larger than that of the Old World. Also new are three smaller, four medium-sized and three large islands. The number of rivers on the new islands was reduced. “We’re also adding to the entire card pool riverless variants of the existing islands “, Ubisoft Mainz writes and adds that the new islands will be placed in existing saves in the expanded area in the north. However, you can only see some of the new islands if you start a new game.

New Islands

You start in Anno 1800 (buy now €34.90 / €53.99 ) a new game, the islands are randomly placed along with the existing New World islands. However: owner of the new DLCs ​​benefit from the expanded region, all others get the new islands and riverless islands in the general map pool. In addition to the new islands, Rise of the New World adds a larger landmass to the north of the map. The developers: “Similar to Crown Falls in Cape Trelawney, this one offers you more building space on a single island, as well as some special details.”

Waterfalls & a monument

There are many waterfalls on the island of Manola. There are also long beaches and mountain peaks. “While further inland there is a large mountain range, near the coast the area is divided by a large river and rises slightly towards the mountain region on several levels. Several beaches provide space for your industry and port area, but also for the new beach module, the we presented in our last DevBlog”, the developers add to the new one Anno 1800 DLC. You can also see several mines as well as clay and oil deposits on the island, which only comes into play with the new DLC.

With a huge dam a monument can also be erected here. You can use it to produce energy from the dammed water and to supply the residents with electricity. Power plants or complex railway networks are not required, because a dam provides energy for the entire island. In the coming week there will be more information about the Anno 1800 DLC, then the focus will be on the new scenario with “Pride & Market Share”.

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