Another Crab’s Treasure: announced the soulslike with a crustacean as the protagonist

Among the numerous products shown this afternoon at Nintendo Indie Worldwhat most attracted the attention of gamers was precisely Another Crab’s Treasurethe crazy project in development by the same team responsible for Going Under.

The game in question is an action with a view behind the protagonist, who is nothing more than a hermit crab. The combat system is, according to the developers, inspired by FromSoftware productions and we will therefore have to face hordes of sea creatures in a similar way to what we have seen in others soulslike. The peculiarity of the game lies in the possibility of change the shell of the hermit crab with objects that can be found around the scenery and that seem to act as armor. It also seems that the protagonist, who fights holding a big forkmay also perform spells. In the game sequences shown at the Nintendo event we have also seen some platforming phase that bodes well for the variety of situations.

Waiting to learn more, we remind you that Another Crab’s Treasure should arrive in the course of 2023 and at the moment it is not clear if it will arrive exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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