Another family is benefited with their own house thanks to the “Resettlement” program

The Minister of Housing, Michelle Sol, delivered a new and owned house to Messrs. María Salvadora Pérez and José Barillas, who benefited from the Resettlement Program maintained by the government of President Nayib Bukele in order to provide decent living conditions. to people living in vulnerable areas.

According to information from the Ministry of Housing, the beneficiary family “for decades lived in a risk area in the Altamira community in Soyapango, Doña María constantly got sick from getting wet in her attempt to prevent water from entering her home. . That situation of anguish, was in the past.

The Resettlement program has benefited more than 500 families who have lived in high-risk areas for decades. The government provides them with their own decent housing so that they can have better opportunities to develop in a safer environment.

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