Another fire on Route 2 affected an Edesur substation

Volunteer Fire Departments from the El Peligro and Abasto neighborhoods worked hard to control a fire that broke out on Friday morning on Route 2, at kilometer 48.5, and spread to the Edesur substation.

According to police sources, The tasks began at 9 in the morning and the main concern is to control the flames that are affecting the electrical substation, which supplies energy to the South Zone of the Greater Buenos Aires and part of the City of Buenos Aires.

It is for this reason that the fire departments made all their personnel available, with the aim of preventing the flames from affecting the supply of electricity in the aforementioned regions, in the midst of the heat wave.

As a consequence of the lack of rain and the high temperatures, fires were registered in different parts of the region and Ruta 2 was no exception during the week. Two days ago the flames reached the highway that connects La Plata with the Atlantic Coast, more precisely at kilometer 76, which again caused serious problems in the area, both due to the magnitude and the visual difficulties for the drivers.

The incident occurred in a sector close to several private neighborhoods and country clubs, such as La Faustina, El Retiro and Haras del Sur II.

Another of the large-scale incidents was the one that broke out in Estancia Chica, a few meters from the Gimnasia y Fencing La Plata site.. The fire consumed more than 30 hectares and affected dozens of eucalyptus, pine and other tree species in the area.

For their part, motorists who passed by the place had to slow down due to a huge column of smoke that hindered visibility. According to witnesses, it could be seen even from 44th Avenue.

The focus began this Tuesday as a result of the heat wave that hits the region, which will continue throughout the week. “High temperatures are making disasters “, Fire sources had indicated to this medium.

Finally, the closest incident to La Plata occurred this Thursday in the quarry at 25 and 520 and lasted for several hours due to the incidence of wind, dry grasslands and lack of water.

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