Another massive outage for OVH, thousands of inaccessible sites

The French host has been experiencing a general blackout since Wednesday morning. It is linked to human error, according to its leader.

A few days before its IPO, the incident is extremely difficult. OVHcloud, the main French web host, suffered an outage this Wednesday morning which seems massive.

According to the Downdetector site, the first outage reports were sent shortly after 9 a.m. on the morning of October 13. Consequence: a significant portion of the websites hosted by the French giant no longer respond.

Human error

At 10 am this morning, its leader Octave Klaba published initial explanations, evoking “human error” during the reconfiguration of the network, in particular at the level of the “backbone”.

This term refers to the routers responsible for organizing the transfer of data between servers. It is a failure at the level of such routers which notably caused the recent massive outage of Facebook. According to these explanations, the failure is of software and not hardware origin.

The incident took place in a data center owned by OVH and based in the United States.

“There are two versions of the IP protocol, which is common to the whole Internet and which allows websites to be reached by a string of numbers. The IPv4 version, which was deployed in the early days of the Internet, and the more recent IPv6 version. which makes it possible to obtain many more IP addresses, but which is not yet deployed everywhere. It is the IPv4 sites which are affected by the blackout this morning “explains Stéphane Bortzmeyer, specialist in computer networks, to BFMTV.

In un second tweet, Octave Klaba specifies that the update follows a modification of the technical infrastructure of OVH in order to cope with an increase in denial of service attacks (DDos). Such attacks use a multitude of machines to attempt to simultaneously connect to a site and saturate its servers.

Raphaël Grably and Olivier Chicheportiche

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