Another price tag: they remove electricity subsidies and it will rise by 30%

Another price tag: they remove electricity subsidies and it will rise by 30%

More Utility/Web Fee Increases Coming

When December begins, users of the electricity service will lose 40% of the subsidy, which will result in a 30% increase in the bills, since the Ministry of Energy will implement the next removal from that month.

Thus, the bills for public services will come with another rate next month due to the removal of that percentage in the subsidy that the cost of electricity has in electricity bills, which is added to the cut in aid that took place last October, while that in February 2023 there will be a new removal.

In December, the Government will hold a public hearing for the gas price that users will pay in 2023, while in January it will take care of the same but for the margins of the distributors Edenor and Edesur, which operate in CABA and part of the Conurbano.

The removal of subsidies in the cost of electricity was raised in three sections: 20% was already applied in October, another 40% will be cut in December and the last 40% from February 2023.

In this way, from April of next year, almost five million homes will have to pay the full cost of electricity.

The cost of electricity affects more than the final value of the bill in some areas. It is the price customers pay for the energy itself and is heavily subsidized.

The increase is 90%, for the segments called N1, according to official parameters, for what they call “high income”. These are family groups that earned more than $250,000 in the middle of the year (now that floor has risen to $450,000 per month), own three properties or three cars.

The Ministry of Energy has already made official that the next removal will cause an increase in the bills that is around 30%.


The increases will continue with the price of gas. In mid-December, there will be a public hearing to determine a new amount for the main cost of that service. It is called a PIST (point of entry to the system). It is what distributors pay to bring gas to homes and businesses.

The next public hearing for electricity will be in January 2023. There, one of the thorniest points will be addressed: the delay in the margins of the distribution of CABA electric companies.

Distributors in almost the entire country receive remuneration for bringing light to homes and businesses. In almost the entire country, they capture between 30% and 40% of the value of the invoices.

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