Ansaldi and Mandragora, Rome farthest away: recovery is difficult

Torino will try to make them available to Juric more for Empoli than for Roma: Ansaldi and Mandragora, for now, do not recover

Barring sudden improvements, Cristian Ansaldi and rolling Mandragora they will not yet be available to Juric for the away match in Rome, where Torino will play on Sunday at 6 pm The two players are still carrying out their respective personalized return programs, but the medical staff has no intention of forcing recovery, to avoid to create further physical damage to two athletes who – for different reasons – have an injury history that weighs on their present. At the end of October the Argentine suffered an injury to the hamstring of his right thigh, while the former Udinese suffered a partial injury to the meniscus, which was resolved through the operation.

Juric’s admission

Go forward slowly, to avoid relapses: this is the indication that leaks from Filadelfia, where the grenade group is preparing the match against Mourinho’s team. Juric, however, risks not being able to count – once again – on two pieces that, in view of the five changes, would ensure an injection of quality. The coach, already on the eve of the match against Udinese, admitted: “Ansaldi and Mandragora are far from recovery”. It will probably be discussed again for Empoli. Even if the fact that the match against the Tuscans is already played on the following Thursday, due to the midweek shift, does not play in favor of Toro. Times are tight and do not reconcile with the need to ensure a gradual and complete recovery.

Cristian Ansaldi

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