Ansaldi renews or part? After the championship, appointment with Vagnati

Calciomercato Torino / Not only Belotti, Ansaldi also has his contract expiring: the full-back would like to end his career with a grenade

With the season about to close, there are those who come and there are those who go, like every year and with only two games left to play, one of the most intense periods of the year begins: the summer market. Leaving nothing to chance is one of the guiding principles of this phase, useful to lay the foundations for the following season. The choices, however, in addition to involving the company, also involve the players and among these there is one in particular involved: Cristian Ansaldi.

Toro, Ansaldi towards the expiry of the contract

Arrived under the Mole in the summer of 2017, the Argentine has carved out his space, entering the hearts of the fans and coaches who have followed one another on the granata bench. But it is also time for him to think about the future and with the contract expiring, different paths open up. Despite the proclamation that he wants to end his career in the grenade at forty round years, he is not so obvious that his desire will become reality. Much will also depend on the Juric’s will whether or not to continue together for a little while longer.

Ansladi, two chances to play for the renewal

With 133 appearances, 10 goals and 21 assists under his belt, Ansaldi has proved to be a key player on several occasions. At the beginning of the season he became theace in the hole of the Croatian coach, who did not miss an opportunity to field him to take advantage of his technique and versatility in the wing. In the last period, however, he has lost the round a bit but Destiny has decided to give him another chance. With Singo out of the game, he can indeed alternate with Ola Aina for the two remaining games and play his cards. Only on the pitch will he be able to definitively convince the club and the coach to extend the contract again.

Cristian Ansaldi

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