Answering what “everyone” is wondering: – The Farmen viewers are going to slaughter me for it

In the video at the top of the case, a member of the Farm production confronts Rosli. The production employee asks directly:

– Do you have anything on the farm that is not allowed on the farm?

Rosli replies with a shocked look, before she changes her mind violently.

DECORATED: It often looks like Rosli has decorated herself inside the farm. Photo: Anton Soggiu

Make-up smuggling?

She is then informed that several people have wondered if she has smuggled in lipstick.

– I have permanent make-up. It’s on, she shows, and rubs her hand over her lips.

If the 24-year-old is to be believed, it is a choice she regrets.

– I was young and stupid. I got a tattoo that was supposed to last two years. Now here we are five years later.

Permanent make-up is a type of cosmetic tattoo. Pigments are added to the skin with a thin needle, in technical terms this is called “pigmentation”.

The pastor was skeptical

Rosli reveals that she has received questions from several people on the farm about the same thing, including pastor Erlend Indergaard (53).

Then she begins to think that this is surely something that the TV viewers will also react to.

– The TV viewers are going to slaughter me for it!

As a participant at the Farm, you are not allowed to bring equipment, accessories or cosmetics that remind you of the “present”. That is to say, it is not allowed to bring make-up, hair dye, razors or perfume, for example.

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