Antauro Humala talks to his reservists

Antauro Humala praises the terrorist group Sendero Luminoso and generates controversy | VIDEO

The leader of the ethnocacerista movement, Antauro Humala Tassohas been causing controversy on social networks, after a video was revealed in which he apologizes for terrorismduring a talk he has with a group of his so-called reservists, to whom he says that Shining Path is “the best” that the Peruvian left has given, in the midst of the increase in protests in all the country.

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The best thing that the left has produced, from Pizarro until now, as a political party, has been Shining Path.. And that they record me, damn”, says Antauro Humala before a group of people, during a conversation that seems to take place in the pool of a house.

That they are mentally colonized, because Marxism is mental colonialism of the left, it is true, but even so they put the Creole state in check for 20 years”, he adds at another time.

These words caused obvious negative reactions on networks like Twitter, where the video was posted. “Those repulsive words can only be said by a madman. And yes: Antauro Humala is”, says the journalist Eloy Marchán.

Antauro Humala praises Sendero Luminoso

“I don’t throw stones, I capture barracks”

The ethnocacerista leader, who was released from prison in August 2022, was also captured enjoying a day at the beach with his partner, while his followers marched throughout the south and also arrived in the capital for the ‘Toma de Lima’, in which he warned that he would not participate.

I already gave my quota. My ethnocaceristas are in the protests. The people who protest. I already protested and I am supporting with ideology and ideas”, he declared to the digital program Política y Poder.

Antauro was caught enjoying a day at the beach with a woman, who would be his wife Ina Andrade.

Antauro was caught enjoying a day at the beach with a woman, who would be his wife Ina Andrade.

I don’t throw stones, I capture barracks, I capture police stations, mines and generals. The stones that are thrown by the calichines (youth) so that later they can be leaders, that they forge themselves in the streets, fight, suffer”, he added, recalling the military uprisings in which he participated (among them the ‘Locumbazo’ and the ‘Andahuaylazo’), which cost him 18 years in prison.

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Antauro was not shy in acknowledging that asking for the participation of young people in the protests and that they be sent “as cannon fodder” is “part of the fight.” “I have bullet wounds. When I participated in the Andahuaylazo I was cannon fodder, I have ethnocaceristas imprisoned, dead and wounded“, said.


Protests in the south: Some two million people would lose their job
Around two million Peruvians would lose their jobs due to the protests that are taking place in the south of the country, according to Sergio Rivas, vice president of the Peruvian Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Related Products (Now Peru), these demonstrations scared away several tourists in Puno, Cusco and Arequipa regions in this first quarter of the year. (Source: TV Peru)


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