Anthony Aranda would have put on Melissa Paredes pants to go out on EEG: See the photos

WILL IT BE TRUE? Anthony Aranda returned to ‘This is war’ after recovering from an injury. The dancer was surprised to appear on the reality show with tight latex pants, the same one that many users claim would be the same one that Melissa Paredes previously used.

Rodrigo González posted on his Instagram some messages from his fans who swore that Anthony Aranda used Melissa Paredes’ pants, because it has the same characteristics.

In a TikTok video, Melissa Paredes wears pants very similar to the ones that Anthony Aranda showed off on his return to EEG. The fans did not miss any details and now they question the dancer.

Anthony Aranda would have worn Melissa Paredes pants in This is War
Anthony Aranda would have worn Melissa Paredes pants in This is War

Anthony Aranda appeared on the program En boca de todos and could not avoid being consulted about the commotion caused by the pants he wore on his return to This is war, where he is said to have worn a Melissa Paredes garment.

In this regard, the popular ‘Activator’ He did not deny or affirm that he used Melissa Paredes’ pantspointing out that, as a couple, they share the same things.

“We share everything, right? Those who want to believe that it is, it is. Those who do not want to believe that it is, it is not. Is a pants”, said Anthony Aranda about the controversial pants.

Anthony Aranda reappeared this Wednesday in “Esto es Guerra” after more than a month of his retirement from the competition due to an ankle injury. The ‘Activator’ was presented by Johanna San Miguel, who also shed some light on what will happen to him in the coming days.

The popular ‘Mama lioness’ announced that the ‘Activator’ will join the “Warriors” team and that next week he will face Gino Assereto in an extreme circuit. Whoever wins the competition will stay on the reality show.

You got injured and Gino came to replace you and now he doesn’t want to leave, so the production has decided that Gino stays, and you go to my team. In a few days you will face him in a circuit and only one will stay in ‘This is War’ “limited the presenter.

Anthony Aranda returns to 'This that war'
Anthony Aranda returns to ‘This that war’

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