Anti cheat on Call of Duty: Activision’s clear message to cheaters

This summer, Activision reported on its work on anti-cheating in Call of Duty and Warzone. And while a new anti-cheat software must be presented very soon, the publisher is now sending a clear message to those concerned.

Strong measures announced very soon

History to remind once again that cheating is not tolerated in Call of Duty, Activision warned that measures will be announced very soon.

Dear cheaters,

We love games, it’s our passion. We are honored to make games for all of our fans around the world. We don’t always do it in the best way possible, but we are committed to doing our best.

Cheating spoils the fun for everyone. No one likes cheaters. Our goal is to deliver a fun and fair gaming experience. For our developers. For our fans. And most importantly, for all Call of Duty gamers wherever they are.

Cheaters are not welcome. There is no tolerance for cheaters. And you will soon find out what that means.

This is not the first time that the publisher has warned cheaters on Call of Duty and as you can see for months on Xboxygen, several waves of ban have already been put in place. Still, cheating continues to be a bane and we saw even recently that the beta of Call of Duty Vanguard already features cheats.

The new measures brought by the new anti-cheating system should undoubtedly remedy all that and we will meet in the coming hours to find out.

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