Antioquia court declares null appointment of EPM manager

The Administrative Court of Antioquia ruled in favor of the lawyer Hernán Cadavid who on May 24 of this year filed a lawsuit due to the alleged appointment of the current manager of EPM, Jorge Andrés Carrillo, violated the rules on appointments in decentralized entities.

This is due to the fact that prior to the appointment as general manager of EPM, Carillo served as a member of the Board of Directors

The Court agreed with the lawyer for the breach of Article 10 of Decree Law 128 of 1976, according to which, lThe members of the boards of directors of decentralized entities, neither during the exercise of their functions nor within the year following their retirement, may provide their professional services in the entity. in which they act or acted or in which they are part of the administrative sector to which it belongs.

The manager may appeal the decision to the Council of State, who will decide whether or not there will be nullity. While this happens, Carrillo will continue as manager of the company.

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