Antonela Roccuzzo comforts Lionel Messi in the Qatar stadium after defeat in the World Cup [VIDEO]

WORLD CUP QATAR 2022. The Argentine team surprised everyone by being defeated by Saudi Arabia with a 2-1 shootout. Lionel Messi, the main figure of the Albiceleste, scored his first goal, however, he could not face the luck of the Middle Eastern country and the scoreboard ended up being reversed. His couple Antonella Roccuzzo was present.

Through her Instagram account, the model also shared an emotional message from Lionel Messi showing his time in the world of football and the victories he has had over time.

“. Tomorrow we start another World Cup with great desire and all the illusion. We will all be walking together!!! Let’s go Argentina ”, was the message that Messi left hours before his debut in Qatar 2022.

“Replied the mother of her children. Antonela also shared images from the stadium where she is shown encouraging the footballer. In this way, the businesswoman did not hesitate to show comfort to her partner in the face of the crying and pain of all Argentines.

Antonella Roccuzzo

Lionel Messi excited the fans of Argentina with a penalty goal at the start of the match against Saudi Arabia. However, the process complicated the scenario for the selection of Lionel Scaloni and at the beginning of the second half, the rival came back to keep the three points. In this regard, the captain pointed out that they were wrong in the way they faced the game.

recognized the 10 of the Albiceleste to the media. “We knew that they were doing the issue of narrowing the line well, sometimes the game takes you and seeing so much space you end up getting in”analyzed.

“We knew they played like that. But these are things that we cannot change now.”maintained the striker. “The truth is that we found those situations so easy that we fell into the error, arriving early, not playing anymore, not looking for a way around it. We wanted to start and end on the same side and maybe that confused us a bit.”he opined.

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