Antonio Navarro after Gustavo Petro’s victory: “What just happened is historic"

The president of the Alianza Verde party, Antonio Navarro Wolffspoke on Caracol Radio after learning that Gustavo Petro will be the new president of Colombia and Francia Márquez the vice president.

In the interview, Navarro Wolff indicated that he is “jumping on one leg” after learning that the leader of the Historical Pact will be the new president of the country.

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“I left the Mayor’s Office of Petro because the attorney Ordóñez came with everything against the Mayor’s Office of Petro and I needed to end the Government of Nariño, not because I had any contradiction against the mayor, and now I’m happy because what just happened is really historicNavarro emphasized.

As for Petro’s victory, the former senator assured that Petro and Francia Márquez have a great responsibility. “The country is split in two and we have to unite itYou can’t run a country like that.”

Adding that “the idea that Petro has been presenting in recent weeks of the need for a national conversation to bring the country together in a country program must be supported.”

To conclude, Navarro referred to the criticism that Petro has received for having participated in the M-19 and He made reference to Pepe Mujica, former president of Uruguay.

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