Anvisa recommends the government to require a vaccine for entry into Brazil

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) released new recommendations to the federal government on travel to Brazil. The guidelines bring assessments from the health agency on the protocols that must be adopted for entry into the country. But the transformation into rule depends on the federal government.

In technical notes, the Agency advocates that the border policy be revised, with the establishment of the charge for proof of vaccination for tourists and other travelers who wish to come to the country by plane or by land, in combination with testing protocols.

The agency’s technical team argues that the measure could make it difficult for Brazil to become a destination for non-vaccinated people. Without this requirement, people who have not been immunized can bring more risks to Brazilians.

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Travelers would have to have completed the vaccination schedule at least 14 days before departure to Brazil. As an analysis parameter, immunizing agents approved by either Anvisa or the World Health Organization (WHO) would be accepted.

“Almost all countries that require vaccination as one of the requirements for the entry of international travelers into their territories, require that the vaccination has taken place at least 14 days, that is, that 14 days are added from the date of the last dose or single dose ”, justifies the technical note.

By air

For air entry, a suggested procedure is testing with methods such as antigens or measuring nucleic acid amplification. For non-vaccinated, the agency proposes quarantine until the negative result of laboratory tests (RT-PCR), which must be performed from the fifth day of arrival.

“If the recommendation is accepted, we suggest that a term be provided for the traveler to present to the Federal Police or other border authority, declaring where he will carry out the self-quarantine period”, says the technical note.

Finally, the document recommends that travelers be provided with the signature of a travel declaration, with the insertion of information about the traveler’s symptoms and contacts, so that health authorities can take action.

By land

For the transit of people from outside by road, in addition to the recommendation of proof of vaccination, Anvisa defends that the entry of unvaccinated people is not allowed. “Unvaccinated people, if they want to enter national territory, must use the air modal, in which controls are more adequate”, says the note from the agency.

The agency’s document, however, provides exceptions for proof of vaccination. One of them would be in the case of people working in cargo transportation. Another would be the waiver in the case of countries where vaccination coverage has reached a situation of collective immunity.


The councils of state secretaries (Conass) and municipal health (Conasems) released a note expressing support for technical notes from Anvisa with recommendations for new rules for entry into Brazil.

“The resurgence of the pandemic in European countries and the increase in cases in the US and Canada, as well as in South American countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay, according to information released today by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) , demand that Brazil adopt additional sanitary measures, in order to protect its population”, says the text.

A Brazil Agency requested the position of the Ministry of Health and awaits return.

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