Any Candy surprises in cosplay of Mary Jane with the powers of Spider-Man

Spider-Man has always been one of the most popular superheroes but in the last decade fans have had no reason to complain, as we received the trilogy of films with Tom Holland, the incredible Into the Spider-Verse, the Insomniac games and many cosplays, like the one of mary jane what did the beautiful Any Candy.

Just as Peter Parker is one of the best-known superheroes, Mary Jane is one of the most famous girls in comics, so we are not surprised to learn that her fans have imagined new versions. In the world of comics nothing is impossible and Any Candy decided to imagine what Mary Jane would look like in the Spider-Man costume.

We first saw Any Candy in her Mary Jane cosplay using the Spider-Man suit was late last year, when she shared a professional shoot shot by photographer Nekolife. After that Any Candy was sharing photographs of this session during the following weeks.

Unfortunately, Any Candy presented us with a couple of photographs in her cosplay of Mary Jane wearing the Spider-Man costume and then forgot about her, since since the beginning of this year she has not published photographs transformed into this character, either from the same session or a new one.

Even so, the quality of Any Candy’s cosplays has only increased, so if you liked the Mary Jane cosplay in a Spider-Man costume that she published almost a year ago, you will surely like the rest of her creations that you have been sharing for the past few months.

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