Apartment or house search: where are Sophie and Frédéric, Alex and Lise, and Mélanie and Jérôme, several months after the shooting?

This Friday, June 17, M6 offered a new number of Search apartment or house. If some participants have found their happiness thanks to the experts of the program, others are still looking. Tele-Leisure make the point.

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In France, half of the moves take place in the summer. But before lugging around your boxes and your furniture, you still need to have found your rare pearl. To help some people on this point, Stephane Plaza and his band of outstanding real estate agents are struggling in Search apartment or house, of which M6 broadcast an unpublished number this Friday, June 17. Several months after the end of filming, some are living happy days in their new cozy nest… but not all!

The apartment of their dreams

Let’s start with Alex and Lisa. The Lyonnais couple were looking for a 70m2 apartment, with an open kitchen and above all bright to allow Alex to make his videos in the best possible conditions. Sandra Viricel found them several properties including an apartment with a breathtaking view of Lyon and the Rhône and a small house. Despite the 50m2 garden of the house, it is for their crush that the lovebirds fell in love. “What is this nugget?“, even dropped the social worker in a burst of enthusiasm. Happy and in love, Lise and Alex never tire of contemplating the Lyon panorama from their terrace, while the Youtubeur takes advantage of his video studio at home.

Finally a new healthier life!

On the side of vencethe situation was less idyllic for Melanie and Jerome and their happy tribe. Following a real estate setback, the couple relocated in disaster to a house with a single bedroom, reserved for their 2.5-year-old daughter and 8-month-old twins, the couple sleeping in the living room. When they have custody of Elia, Melanie’s eldest daughter from a previous relationship, she sleeps in the dining room. “It was important to me to get them out of the mess”, told us Caroline German. Faced with the urgency of the situation, the bubbly brunette succeeded in the impossible: finding them an apartment in Cagnes-sur-mer, not far from there. With three bedrooms and a south-facing terrace, it even offered a little bonus: a swimming pool shared with the residence. Having made a long sale, Mélanie and Jérôme have not yet collected the keys to their new cocoon. But it shouldn’t take too long (end of June). After that, they will do some work in order to move in next winter.

La Ch’tite famille, still not installed

Finally, Sophie and Frédéric caused a lot of trouble for Stephane Plaza and Antoine Blandin. Expatriates in Montreal for several years, the couple and their two children are back in Lille. Yes but here they were not quite in agreement on their expectations. Frédéric absolutely wanted to find a (large) house, while Sophie preferred an apartment or a house requiring little maintenance. Despite their comfortable budget of one million euros and four visits, the couple remained empty-handed. They are still rented. But given the complexity of their request, they ended up changing plans and are now looking for… an apartment! We cross our fingers for them.

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