Apex Legends: “Control” mode will remain an ephemeral mode

Apex Legends is undeniably one of the best battle royale out there. The free-to-play title from Respawn Entertainment offers a unique formula and benefits from a diligent community. Among the good points of the title, the ephemeral mode “Control” and surely one of the elements preferred by the community. However, Respawn does not intend to make it a permanent mode anytime soon.

Developers confirm that ‘Control’ will not be made permanent for Season 14

Season 14 Predation is fast approaching as it is scheduled for August 7th with the notable arrival of the new Legend Vantage. However, what players are also waiting for is the return of the “Control” mode introduced in Season 13. This 9v9 mode is played around three control points on the map that must be successfully controlled.

The mode’s success was near-immediate, so much so that many players asked if there were any plans for the mode to become permanent in Apex Legends. The developers at Respawn Entertainment didn’t wait very long before announcing that this was clearly not in the studio’s plans.

The “Control” mode will undoubtedly return irregularly, during specific events, but we will have to be patient before seeing this mode become permanent in the Respawn battle royale. The studio has confirmed that ephemeral modes will be deployed halfway through season 14, but it will still take patience before knowing if “Control” will be part of it. Apex Legends is still available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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