App Annie September China Manufacturers and Apps Going Global Revenue Ranking: “Yuan Shen” No. 1 and “PUBG MOBILE” No. 2

App Annie, a mobile data and analysis company, released a list of the top 30 Chinese manufacturers and apps in overseas revenue for September 2021. The following are the main contents of the report:

Ranking of Chinese Manufacturers’ Overseas Revenue in September

According to App Annie data, in the top echelon of the sea list in September, Mihayou and ByteDance jumped two places respectively; Sanqi Mutual Entertainment returned to No. 5 again, and the rankings of these three have remained nearly three. The Top 5 list, which has not changed significantly in the past few months, has created some surprises. Sanqi Mutual Entertainment’s “Douluo Dalu: Soul Master Showdown”, which was released globally in August, continued to rise in overseas revenue during September, and the future is promising. In addition, there are no new labels in the top 10 of the list.

Lingxi Interactive Entertainment, one of the head games of the SLG 4X marching battle series, “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”, has successfully ranked among the top 20 in September. With the recent fireworks The Ants: Underground Kingdom “Little Ants Country”, StarUnion’s ranking has also continued to advance, and the popularity of overseas markets is still rising.

Ranking of Chinese Manufacturers’ App Overseas Revenue in September

The 2.1.0 version of “Yuan Shen” launched on the first anniversary, new characters, new maps, new stories and new activities fully reflect the full sincerity. While gaining praise from players, it also brings income growth. The rapid increase in overseas income has made Miha Youhe’s “Yuan Shen” ranked first in both China’s seas in September. It is worth noting that Mihayou has performed well in the US and Japanese markets. It can be seen that the localization and regional warm-up promotion have been very mature, and the global market has been stabilized with high-quality content. “PUBG Mobile” sits in the AFC Champions League this month, with a slightly lower revenue but the number of active users is still leading the game market. “TikTok” had good revenue growth in September, becoming the only non-gaming app among the top three. The increase in the United States and the Middle East pushed up the rankings. The top three applications all have strong social functions, reflecting the usage habits and payment-related factors of overseas mobile phone users.

4399’s “Crasher: Origin” quickly climbed to 7 places, and the increase in revenue in the Korean market can be remembered. Sanqi Interactive’s “Castle in the sky” and Star Union’s “The Ants: Underground Kingdom” rose by 6 and 5 places respectively. Both games reached a new high in overseas revenue in 2021 in September, supported by American users It is one of the main drivers of growth.

Note: The above data is based on App Annie’s current estimates for all time periods as of October 8, 2021.

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