Apple App Store: Soon (even) more advertising on iPhones and iPads

Apple will show more ads in the App Store on iPhones and iPads in the future. Additional advertising space should be available for developers to advertise their apps. Among other things, the previously ad-free “Today” area, which currently only displays curated content, is affected.

To date, Apple has refrained from embedding conspicuous advertising and has restricted itself solely to advertising spaces within the “Recommended” section of the search and the search results. Here, advertised content is highlighted in color and clearly marked with the note “Ad”. In the future, the marking will be retained, but the advertising will be placed much more prominently.
Apple App Store AdsApple could place advertisements in the App Store in the future

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Like colleagues from 9to5Mac report and is also marked on the first images, Apple will soon also create space for advertising in the “Today” tab. The start page introduced with the App Store redesign in 2017 has so far served as an editorially curated overview of new and popular iOS apps as well as for presenting seasonal app collections (e.g. useful apps for holidays, etc.). A second placement is in the lower “You might like this too” area of ​​the app shop pages. Before Apple rolls out its new advertising spaces on a large scale, the placements are to be tested in advance with a limited number of developers. In addition, according to the company, it continues to attach great importance to the privacy of its users. The new ads must therefore follow “strict guidelines and principles”. Among other things, less personal data is collected that could be used for personalized advertising, and a link to the personal Apple ID is also not planned.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will decide to introduce the new advertising space in its app stores worldwide. In any case, the prominent ads should help the company to generate significantly higher advertising revenue.

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Apple, iOS, Software, Apps, App Store, Downloads, App Store, Apple App Store, Programs

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