Apple buys Disney? "He is going to sell the business" says an insider close to new president Bog Iger

News JVTech Apple buys Disney? “He will sell the company” says an insider close to new president Bog Iger

Thunderbolt at Disney, after the eviction of his now ex-predict Bob Chapek and the return of his predecessor Bob Iger, an intimate of the latter affirms loud and clear that the company could be sold very quickly to the giant Apple to make faced with the financial crisis that shakes the band at Mickey. Between rumors and fantasies, we take stock of this burning issue.

Apple and Disney, a bromance that has lasted for more than 15 years

The information will probably not have escaped you, it rumbles and it pitches in the high spheres at Disney. And while the group strutted around, through the voice of its now ex-president Bob Chapek, in front of its excellent results in terms of subscribers to its Disney+ streaming service, behind the scenes, we were already organizing the departure of the imposing leader by a snub worthy of the best Hollywood series with the return of his predecessor, Bob Iger, 71 years old and president of The Walt Disney Company between 2005 and 2020.

The old, the ex-old and the new president of Disney

Apple buys Disney? "He is going to sell the business" says an insider close to new president Bog Iger

Robert Allen “Bob” Iger’s mission is quite simple, he has two years to establish a strategy that will allow the Disney group to return to growth and find his successor. The good this time…

Unless good old Bob Iger was actually there with a whole other mission, to sell Disney to the highest bidder? It is in any case the theory, a little hazy, advanced by the American site
The Wrap
who quotes a close friend of Bob Iger, presented as a “introduced to the Disney company” and which affirms loud and clear the following thing:

He’s going to sell the company. It’s the most important deal he’ll have to sign and I think he’d be happy about it because he would be the last CEO of Disney.

Information obviously to be taken with immense tweezers, this “former senior Disney executive“has no name or face. But the information seems credible enough to be taken up by many American sites, especially since the love story between Apple and Disney is not new…

Bob Iger replacing Bob Chapek at Disney to better sell him to Apple? Why it’s possible, but unlikely

As the site sums it up very well
although such an operation is quite possible from a purely financial point of view, it has practically no chance of succeeding in the more or less near future.

The first of the reasons mentioned is that Disney is not a seller and Apple is not a buyer at all. Although a takeover would obviously benefit the latter, it has no interest in embarking on such a major acquisition with activities far too far removed from its DNA, we are obviously thinking of amusement parks, the group’s international showcase which has no less than 6 complexes and 12 parks, not counting the water parks:

  • Florida (USA) : Walt Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom Hollywood Studios + Disney Spring)
  • California (USA) : Disneyland Resort (Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure)
  • Paris, France) : Disneyland Paris (Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park)
  • Tokyo (Japan) : Tokyo Disney Resort (Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea)
  • hong kong : Hong Kong Disneyland Shanghai
  • China : Shanghai Disneyland
Apple buys Disney? "He is going to sell the business" says an insider close to new president Bog Iger

The COVID pandemic has obviously weighed on the results of the amusement parks branch, between closures and gauges, it is difficult for the latter to climb the slope when it is necessary to constantly innovate and invest to attract visitors from around the world. entire. And the investments necessary to maintain the Disney+ streaming platform (which has lost more than $1.5 billion this year) against Netflix or Amazon Prime are not without damage either.

We said it a little higher, financially, Apple would have no trouble buying Disney. The latter being valued around 180 billion dollars against… more than 2300 billion for Apple. That’s more than 12 times the value of Disney. Better, Apple would have more than 200 billion cash, enough to buy Disney with the snap of a finger just by using his pocket money without touching anything else.

But then why is this information coming to the surface today? Just because Bob Iger was close to Steve Jobs and that during his lifetime, a merger was then considered, we are talking about this 15 years ago now. Since then, Apple has been regularly credited with intentions to buy Disney, and if some analysts said in 2017 that Apple “should” buy Disney to open up to other markets, it never seems to have happened. the agenda of Tim Cook and his teams.

Time will tell, but for now Disney seems to want to go it alone, with its own weapons and the right people.

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