Apple is not getting enough chips for the iPhone 13

It can be assumed that Apple its production target for the the new iPhone-13-Models have to correct downwards, reported the Bloomberg news agency on Tuesday, citing insiders. Originally, Apple wanted to produce 90 million new iPhones in the fourth quarter of the current year. Well it should 10 million less the report says.

Chip bottlenecks

Apple has informed its manufacturers that supplier companies such as Broadcom and Texas Instruments Had problems delivering chips. Apple sources display parts from Texas Instruments. A scarce TI chip is responsible for the power supply of the OLED display on the iPhone 13. Broadcom is a long-time wireless component supplier to the iPhone manufacturer. But there are also supposed to be delivery bottlenecks with other suppliers.

Deficiency continues

Apple is one of the largest chip buyers in the world, but despite its strong purchasing power, it is struggling with the same problems that afflict many other companies. Large chip manufacturers had already warned that demand could also exceed supply in the next year and possibly beyond.

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