Apple Maps: New German Cities in Apple’s Street View

Apple is rapidly expanding the new map service in Germany: After Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, Apple’s Street View counterpart “Umsehen” now also covers Cologne and Düsseldorf – in addition to smaller cities and towns in the region, including Leverkusen, Bergisch Gladbach, Solingen and Neuss. The area can now be driven through in a 3D view at street level. Pedestrian areas – for example in the center of Cologne – are currently still missing, but Apple teams are currently out there with camera backpacks, so 3D images for these areas should follow.

Apple’s camera vehicles have been on the road in Germany since 2019 and should have recorded and documented a large part of the road network by now. Faces and license plates should be automatically made unrecognizable. When the next cities will receive a 3D street view remains open, Apple has not given a concrete timetable.

The manufacturer introduced its new, expanded map base in Germany in April. The new Apple Maps will soon be available in Switzerland and other countries such as France. The start in Austria is not expected until 2023.

In Germany, Apple has meanwhile started to build up its own database for place ratings and photos across the board. In order to encourage as many users as possible to take part, the iPhone may suggest giving a rating after all, if it detects that a photo was taken around a landmark, as Apple explained. Apple’s location database still comes mainly from third-party sources and is partly faulty.

Apple will only deliver an important function for maps with iOS 16 & Co in the autumn: the update makes it possible to plan car routes with several freely chosen stopovers. Apple has not yet promised an offline map that many users want.

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