Apple Music soon on PlayStation 5?

News hardware Apple Music soon on PlayStation 5?

Published on 10/14/2021 3:40 PM

A Reddit user posted a screenshot suggesting that gamers will soon be able to connect their PS5 to their Apple Music account.

Relayed by Eurogamer, this publication on Reddit shows how a player, while trying to create a new account on his PS5, got the choice to connect your account to Spotify and Apple Music. However, only Spotify is supposed to be available on PS5 (thanks to PS4 backward compatibility).

By clicking on the Apple Music option, the user was denied the feature, as it would be available only on PS4. This is a classic error on PS5, when a feature is not (or not yet) available. We can therefore imagine that it will be soon possible to listen to his playlist Apple on PS5.

It is also recalled that Sony and Apple entered into a partnership in August offering six months of subscription to Apple TV + to owners of PS5. The arrival of the Apple Music service would therefore not be a big surprise, on the console of Sony.

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