Apple Pay: Targobank new on board

Targobank is now enabling its customers to pay with Apple Pay: Since Tuesday, the Visa credit cards issued by the bank can be added to Apple’s wallet on iPhones and Apple Watches and used for contactless payments in stores and elsewhere, as well as for online shopping . This also makes Apple Pay payments on iPads and Macs an option for Targobank customers.

Targobank supports Apple Pay for all Visa credit cards offered to end customers, including the “Online Classic Card”, for which there is no annual fee. Targobank’s Visa debit card doesn’t seem to set up in Apple Pay at this time.

Three and a half years after the (late) start in Germany, Apple’s payment service is now being integrated by almost 80 banks and financial services. Of the larger banks, only Postbank and Santander are now missing. Apple itself does not publish specific information on the number of Apple Pay users in Germany. At the Sparkasse alone, 2.5 million customers allegedly used the Apple service last year – there, in addition to a credit card, the use of the Girocard for Apple Pay is also supported.

Apple Pay can now be found widely in German retail and also with many providers in online retail. The service can usually be used at any NFC-enabled checkout terminal – but sometimes only with a Girocard stored in Wallet if retailers or shops do not accept credit cards.

Apple is currently massively expanding its payment service: In the USA, iPhones will soon be able to be used as NFC POS terminals, so that smaller retailers will also be able to accept contactless payments. In addition, Apple will introduce a Pay Later function (Apple Pay Later) that spreads payments over several weeks – without additional fees. For the first time, Apple itself acts as a moneylender, but the group has not yet applied for a banking license. It remains unclear when the Apple Pay Later service will come to Germany.

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