Apple “probably” will release long-talked-about AR/VR headset in January, says Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple’s long-talked-about mixed reality AR/VR headset will “likely be released in January 2023,” according to respected industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who claims Apple will be a game-changer for the game. headset industry.

In a post on MediumKuo says Apple’s new headset will be “the most complicated product Apple has ever made”, adding that the device will “provide a great immersive experience” supporting seamless AR/MR video, driving rapid growth and continues the global helmet industry.

Last month, Kuo said technical proof testing (also known as EVT) will likely begin in the coming monthsaligning with an early 2023 release.

The rumored device will feature two ultra-high-resolution 8K displays with a ‘multitude’ of other features, including advanced eye-tracking technology and the ability to transmit real-world video through the visor and lens. display to the user, providing a “mixed reality effect”. This will be Apple’s first major new product launch since the original Apple Watch in October 2014.

Last year we saw The Information publishes a sketch of the next helmet, claiming to have seen secret internal images from an anonymous source “with direct knowledge” of the developmentreporting that the device will offer a “sleek, curved visor attached to the face by mesh material and interchangeable headbands”.

Picture: Ian Zelbo

Concept creator Ian Zelbo has published visuals showing what Apple’s new headphones will likely look like based on previously leaked information, featuring an adjustable Apple Watch-style headband and a mesh cushion reminiscent of the AirPods Max for comfort around the wearer’s eyes.

Image: Ian Zelbo

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