Apple Watch Series 7 review: Apple’s smartwatch thinks bigger

Discreet update of the previous model, the new Apple Watch is distinguished above all by a design that evolves to make room for a more comfortable screen.

As usual, Apple is supporting the release of its iPhones with a new generation of its connected watch, the Apple Watch. This year, the Series 7 is on the program, for a price identical to that of the Apple Watch Series 6: it is necessary to count from 429 euros for the small format (41 mm) against 459 euros for the 45 mm format. The Apple Watch Series 7 is available from October 15, 2021.

L'Apple Watch Series 7 d'Apple
L’Apple Watch Series 7 d’Apple © Apple

The strengths of the Apple Watch Series 7

A bigger screen

Some expected a total aesthetic overhaul, but it is not. At first glance, the Apple Watch Series 7 looks a lot like the previous model. But on closer inspection, we see a better optimization of space, which allows Apple to integrate a screen 20% larger than that of the Apple Watch Series 6, in a case of comparable dimensions.

L'Apple Watch Series 7 d'Apple
L’Apple Watch Series 7 d’Apple © Apple

This new format is accompanied by additional functions such as the arrival of an on-screen keyboard to respond to messages. This will obviously not make the watch a relevant tool for sending long texts, but which can help out if his smartphone is not at hand.

A tailor-made design

Apple is taking advantage of this new screen to – slightly – rework the shape of the case, which is more rounded than on the previous models. But the Apple Watch benefits above all from a substantial offer in terms of personalization.

Customers can juggle between three materials (aluminum, stainless steel or titanium) but above all with colors and a swarm of bracelets for all uses. Depending on the finishes and accessories, Apple can turn its watch into a device entirely dedicated to sport, or on the contrary an elegant object for everyday life.

L'Apple Watch Series 7 d'Apple
L’Apple Watch Series 7 d’Apple © Apple

Good autonomy

Despite an enlarged screen, the Apple Watch does not see its autonomy penalized so far. This criterion depends largely on the use which is made of it, in particular at the level of the GPS, very greedy in energy. In any case, the watch will not turn off before the end of the day.

Apple incorporates a new charger that allows faster recharging, without however marking a revolution: saving time and the order of a third. This is still useful for briefly charging the watch before going to sleep, if you want sleep monitoring, or in the event of an express charge before a workout.

One of the most comprehensive health monitoring

Like the connected watches of the French company Withings, Apple incorporates all the sensors proven by the industry in terms of health. We obviously find the heart rate sensor, but also the electrocardiogram (recognized as a medical device) or the measurement of oxygen levels in the blood.

L'Apple Watch Series 7 d'Apple
L’Apple Watch Series 7 d’Apple © Apple

The GPS function remains essential for sports outings, with dozens of disciplines that can be recorded by the watch. If the most advanced athletes will turn to specialized brands like Garmin, the Apple Watch remains the simplest and most complete to use for amateur athletes.

Still waterproof and compatible with swimming, the watch is now more solid thanks to thicker glass, and resistant to dust, promises its manufacturer.

The weaknesses of the Apple Watch Series 7

Very few software innovations

Despite all the qualities of the Apple Watch Series 7, it is clear that the new software – and functional – are far from legion. This year, Apple is opting more for aesthetic tweaking than for adding new possibilities. Apple Watch Series 6 owners have little reason to be convinced.

L'Apple Watch Series 7 d'Apple
L’Apple Watch Series 7 d’Apple © Apple


The benchmark of connected watches, and by far the most popular on the market, the Apple Watch Series 7 remains true to its achievements, improving itself a little further thanks to a larger screen and a modernized design. It will easily convince those who want the most complete product, for a high price but which remains reasonable.

To date, the most direct competition remains that of Samsung, but also Withings if we favor health functions over sports functions. For basic uses, the Apple Watch SE, which instead focuses on sports and sells for 299 euros, remains the best alternative for Apple fans.

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