Apple Watch: Spotify warns of watchOS 9 bug

Heavy users of the Spotify application on the Apple Watch should probably postpone an update to watchOS 9: the popular streaming service is currently not running on the computer watch. Spotify announced this in an email to affected users. Apparently, the culprit is not bugs in the app itself, but incompatibilities introduced with watchOS 9.

According to Spotify, Apple Watch’s new operating system “introduced a bug that causes streaming on Apple Watch to stop working.” The only solution at the moment is not (yet) to update to watchOS 9, Apple has not yet provided a way back (downgrade of the operating system) for the watch. However, an update of the watchOS version of Spotify is not to be expected, since according to the streaming service the problem is entirely on Apple’s side – the music company does not seem to have a workaround.

For those who have already updated to watchOS 9, there is only one crutch to help: download the content you want onto the watch and then listen offline. The most popular way of using the Spotify app for the Apple Watch, which was released with a delay anyway – streaming without a paired iPhone – falls flat. However, according to Spotify, you can stream from the iPhone to the clock – but you have to have it with you.

The bug becomes noticeable shortly after the first attempt to use the streaming function: the sound cuts off after about a minute. After that there is nothing more to do. While the app looks like it’s still playing music, there’s no sound. It doesn’t matter whether the Apple Watch is connected to the Internet via LTE or WLAN. Offline use as an alternative is not really an alternative: it makes users significantly more work and also takes some time.

It was initially unclear whether the bug also affects other apps that use Apple’s streaming API on the watch. After all, an update to watchOS 9.1 can be expected soon: A beta test has already begun, and the release should be in a few weeks. How the problems came about and why they were not fixed in advance – after all, Spotify is very popular on the watch, only Apple knows.

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