Apple would like to transform its AirPods into connected health device

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Apple’s desire to slip sensors into its headphones true wireless to measure your health and help you track your heart rate when you run, for example. Nevertheless, the Wall Street Journal has just announced having consulted internal documents of the American giant and having been able to discuss with people familiar with Apple’s plans.

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Thus, Tim Cook’s teams would consider deporting health and well-being monitoring elements beyond the Watch. So the iPhone could be used to diagnose depression or cognitive decline. For AirPods, it’s still unclear what the exact plans will be, but first steps have been taken to help the hearing impaired, as is already the case with AirPods Pro and the Conversation Boost.

An area where Apple could continue to make efforts, in order to offer a more affordable solution than hearing aids for people who have lost some hearing. Obviously, in this case, the AirPods will have to pass certain tests and obtain certain certifications, in the United States and in Europe.

According to Wall Street Journal, Apple could add functions that would take the user’s temperature in their ear. This thermometer would be the second added to an Apple product, because the Watch Series 8 could carry one next year according to the sources of the American daily.

In addition, the motion sensors integrated in the AirPods could be used to improve the posture of their users. They could indeed detect if you have a tendency to hold your back a little too hunched.

Source : The Wall Street Journal

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