Apple: you can finally lose your iPhone without fear in France

News hardware Apple: you can finally lose your iPhone without fear in France

iPhones are selling like hot cakes, and Apple has finally understood the importance of the French market by adding a crucial option in the AppleCare+ warranty.

AppleCare+, a guarantee still incomplete in France…

Most, if not all, Apple products aren’t cheap. Even if they are reputed to last a long time, it is always an important investment that we want to make profitable. As a reminder, when you buy an iPhone, you benefit from a mandatory one-year manufacturer’s warranty in the event of a glitch.

But past this year, you can say goodbye to any kind of discount or help regarding the issues you may encounter. Just go to the Apple site to see the repair prices based on iPhone models, and the least we can say is that it hurts.

If you crack your iPhone 13 Pro Max screen, expect to pay €361.10, and the amount does not drop below 200€ for models with a notch. This is why many add an additional guarantee directly offered by Apple: AppleCare+. It costs a certain monthly amount that varies depending on the model covered (example: €289 for two years of warranty for an iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max).

This warranty also extends to Macs and iPads, but let’s focus on Apple smartphones here. For an iPhone covered by AppleCare+, the repair costs are as follows:

  • 29€ for screen damage
  • 99€ for any other damage

We are on completely different and much more accessible rates if ever something happens to our iPhone. But this is far from being the biggest problem that we can encounter. What scares us the most is losing it or having it stolen, and no Apple warranty could cover that, until now.

…till today

For the inhabitants of the USA, it has been a norm for a long time. As often with the Cupertino brand, it is the country of Uncle Sam that is privileged and benefits from many features first (bike routes on Apple Maps, we are still waiting for you).

But after years of waiting, France is finally entitled to it. We can now afford a warranty that covers loss or theft. Unlike the already existing AppleCare+ options, this one is currently only available for the iPhone.

Apple: you can finally lose your iPhone without fear in France

This option means that if you lose your Apple smartphone, you can simply redeem your warranty, pay 129€ and we will give you a new one. So of course, there are conditions to be able to take advantage of it, here they are:

  • The monthly amount to be paid increases if you choose the version with loss/theft
  • Just like the rest of the AppleCare+ options, the loss/theft claim only works twice a year
  • Location must be enabled on the iPhone
  • It needs to be completely data-drained and disabled to ensure the user doesn’t make a false claim to actually keep the supposedly stolen device.

This new guarantee comes in an environment where many use the guarantees offered by their bank to protect their smartphone, to see if Apple will manage to nibble a little share on this lucrative business.

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