ARA-San Juan: "Macri wants to bring the case to Capital because he has friendly judges there"

Luis Tagliapietra is also the father of one of the crew of the ARA San Juan, a plaintiff lawyer for relatives of the submarine sunk during the Macrista administration. The man considered that “there are no grounds” for the case being pursued for illegal espionage of the relatives of the seafarers victims to be processed in the courts of Comodoro Py.

This is how Tagliapietra referred to the request made by the president of the Buenos Aires Federal Chamber, Martín Irurzun, for Judge Ariel Lijo to resolve his jurisdiction in that file, which is instructed by the substitute magistrate of Dolores Martín Bava and which is accused by the former president Mauricio Macri.

“In legal terms, there are no grounds for the case to go to Comodoro Py. What (Martín) Irurzun told (Ariel) Lijo is to resolve what (Mauricio) Macri asked him, who wants to bring the case to the courts of Capital Federal because it understands that it has friendly judges there, “said Tagliapietra in dialogue with El Uncover Radio.

In this sense, the lawyer affirmed that the representatives of the former president “always fall into technicalities” and that “they do not have sufficient grounds to be able to specify the transfer of the case because the events did not begin in the Federal Capital.”

Tagliapietra said that Macri “has pointed to a double track” and explained that “on the one hand he tried to challenge the judge who causes him discomfort, something that he did not achieve, because he did not have adequate evidence, and on the other he seeks this.”

“All attitudes of those who are known to be responsible,” he stressed, adding that the former president “operates in the terms that the law allows him and we are very attentive to demand that he comply with the law.” In turn, he stressed: “I would love for Macri to exercise his defense but until now he has chosen the path of chicanery with everything that justice allows him to do.”

And he concluded: “Macri asked to be relieved of secrecy and then refused to testify and answer questions. That was disrespectful that he traveled to Saudi Arabia on November 15, in the framework of the anniversary of the disappearance of the crew members of ARA San Juan. Now he asked permission to go to Chile and they will surely give it to him. We, the relatives, are making the proposal to reject him. “

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