Arana neighbors on alert for clandestine parties where they charge entrance and there is even security

Concern and enormous discomfort were expressed by residents of the town of Arana, who in contact with EL DIA denounced the repeated clandestine parties that have been taking place in a house located in the area of ​​14 and 635; where they not only charge entry, but also have their own security when entering the home.

“In a private home and in the face of passivity of the Municipality, Urban Control and Police, they mobilize, implement measures on their own”, expressed an outraged frontman by this situation. And also added: “It is incredible that nobody can face it, they have a DJ, security, they charge tickets. On the night of November 20 and 21 – there were more than 400 people, there were cars that went from 634 to 637. They are all teenagers. “, he detailed.

It should be noted that the call has been made through social networks, and despite the fact that mass events are currently allowed outdoors, the young people involved are charging entry at the door, something that is logically a reason for a fine. “The neighbors know that in these places parties are held every so often, such as weddings or birthdays, but these electronic parties are repeated and go from 1am to 9am. It is really unbearable”said one of the victims.

They also informed this media that many – in the absence of response – have decided to take their own measures such as burning tires or directly rebuke those involved. “The idea is that it does not go to an extreme, there are neighbors who no longer support it and want to act on their own. It is because we have requested a hearing from the Arana police station subsidy and the Municipal Delegate to take action on the matter”, he recounted.

“The police say they cannot do anything because they do not have a judge’s order,” he concluded.

These are the complaints made to Control Urbano for the November 20/21 party:


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