Arbitration in the United States Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court rules that all Americans can carry weapons in public, and strikes down New York’s restrictive gun laws.

New York has had very strong restrictions on this for almost 100 years, which requires carrying a permit to have weapons in public. It is now declared invalid.

The six US Supreme Court justices are considered conservative, and believe the gun law is unconstitutional.

President Joe Biden is very disappointed with the decision.

– I am very disappointed with the Supreme Court’s decision, Biden says.

– This decision is contrary to common sense and the constitution and should be something we all get very worried about, the president says.

– Dark day

Now it is open for people without special obstacles to carry weapons on the subway in New York and in Times Square.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul says she will consider calling the state legislature home from vacation to consider how to respond to the decision.

– This is a dark day, says Hochul.

The arms organization NRA states that the decision is a victory for them.

Biggest decision in 12 years

The decision allows even more Americans to have the right to carry weapons on the streets in big cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Boston.

The news agency AP writes that the decision affects a quarter of the population in the country.

The Biden administration has urged the Supreme Court not to challenge New York law. Similar laws in other states are likely to be taken to court now.

It is the first major arms decision in the US Supreme Court in over ten years. In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that all Americans should have the right to have weapons in their own homes.

Contrary to popular belief

The ruling comes at a time when Congress is actively working on new gun legislation after several mass shootings recently.

The Supreme Court decision is probably contrary to popular opinion.

Opinion polls show that around half of the voters who voted in the presidential election in 2020 thought that the gun laws should be tightened.

Only one in ten thought the gun laws should be liberalized.

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