Archaeologists find a 500-year-old Inca tomb under a house in San Juan de Lurigancho

The owner of a house located in San Juan de Lurigancho was surprised to find traces of an Inca tomb under his construction site, where archaeologists detected remains of people dating back at least 500 years.

According to Reuters, this district is not only the most populated in the country, it is also home to hundreds of archaeological sites of cultures that developed before and after the Inca Empire, which dominated part of South America from southern Ecuador and Colombia to central From Chile.

This entire urban area is listed as an emergency zonethat is, when the neighbors perhaps carry out some soil removal activity, they may be surprised to find archaeological contexts”said archaeologist Julio Abanto.

According to the aforementioned medium, the tombs were four meters deep and contained “multiple funerary bundles”, with bone remains of more than one body along with ceramic objects. “They correspond to the Inca period, that is, they are about 500 years old”, the archaeologist said.

Experts believe that the people who were buried in the place are part of the “elite” of the Riricancho culturewhich was established in Lima before the rule of the Inca Empire.

It was something that I did not expect, I did not know exactly what was”, said Hipólito Tica, owner of the house. “It is something amazing, I really have no words to describe it (…) under this land, there is a lot of history”, he added.


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