archetype of 68

The only sign of superiority I recognize is kindness.


The knowledge of the foreign coaches who participated in the Mexico Olympics 68 and that should have been a valuable inheritance for the following generations was drowned by ignorance, indifference to the efforts of the technicians, sports ignorance, carelessness, of that and this time. . The daily struggle of the group of coaches to communicate not only the technical but also the perseverance to approach difficult ideals and objectives was erased by not keeping the logbooks. The unfading of his effort was reflected in the testimony, never surpassed to date, in the Olympic positions of his students. The doctor Gabriel Cherebetiu Domsa, with so much influence in the Olympic sport of Mexico 68, specifically in women’s and men’s volleyball, physically disappeared last Friday, September 16. He was a successful man in sports, in science, in society, but perhaps his greatest greatness was, in addition to his brilliant intelligence, being a simple and kind spirit. Always with a kind and encouraging word for those who turned to him. Born on May 13 in Blaj, Romania, he arrived in Mexico on March 18, 1965. He arrived and, unlike other of his colleagues who received raw material of fair quality, he saw that the stature and “technique” of the Mexicans did not it was just right for volleyball. The net in the men’s game has a height of 2.43 m and in the women it is 2.24 m; without real possibilities to compete in zones 2, 3 and 4 in the strategic mosaic of volleyball. Cherebetiu, bronze with Romania in the 1962 World Cup in Moscow, after the powerful squads of the USSR and Czechoslovakia, at the distance of three years from the Olympics, he immediately designed an exhibition program of matches in the north of the country. Inspired that talent without effort is useless, this man, as a foreigner, was invited to practice an unknown activity. In Tecate there were three spectators leaning against a wall watching the exhibition: Cease The chicken osuna, Jesus Loya Y Eduardo Jimenez. In Tepic it was discovered Blanca Garcia. They had never touched a ball. Later the prestigious Japanese coach Yasutaka Matsudaira I would designate her the best player in the world. Cherebetiu He was the first to teach the Mexicans the reception with the fist and forearm. But more valuable was how he convinced men and women to love the game of volleyball, how he communicated to them the spiritual fire of overcoming that led them to train passionately and obsessively for three years and be what they had never imagined being. From being unknown on the Olympic map, the women defeated the US sextet and Blanca Garcia nominated in the ideal sextet of the Olympics in the eyes of technicians and the FIVB; They finished in 7th. And the men in 10th place. Positions that after more than half a century have not been overcome.

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