Archie Battersbee, the British boy in a coma for a viral TikTok challenge, dies

Holly Dancethe mother of Archie Batterbee, stood outside the hospital after doctors turned off the vital support of his son, and expressed that it is the “proudest mother in the world”. She added that the child “He fought to the end.”

The little boy’s family had said they felt “shattered” after exhausting all legal channels to maintain the assisted breathing mechanisms of the minor, who is admitted to a london hospitaldepending on the group Christian Concern.


The 12 year oldwhose case has received great media attention, was found by his mother, unconscious last April 7 in his house Southendin the essex county (southeast of England), with a rope tied around his head and believes that he may have suffered an accident when he participated in some viral challenge through social networks.

The maneuver produced one severe brain injury left him in a coma.

It has been pointed out that this challenge is known as “Blackout Challenge” in the social network tiktok, The same one that has also taken the life of a 10-year-old girl during January 2021 in Palermo, Italy.


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$!Archie Battersbee's family outside the hospital.

Archie Battersbee’s family outside the hospital.

In recent months, the family has sought legal action to prevent the royal london hospitalwhere the minor was hospitalized, remove, as the health unit wanted, the breathing apparatus assisted by considering that there was no possibility of recovery.

After several appeals in the British courts and the intervention of the European Court of Human Rights, that the hospital was right, the family tried unsuccessfully in recent days to allow Archie to be taken from the hospital to a hospice so that he could die in this place, away from the noise of Royal London.


The last effort in this sense was exhausted last night after the European Court of Human Rights indicated that the case ofl transfer to hospice I was “outside” of your competition.

The hospital argued that putting Archie in hospice was a risk because a slight movement of the body could further aggravate the condition of the child.

A spokesman for the group Christian Concern, which supports the family of archieacknowledged that “all legal routes have been exhausted” and that the relatives are “destroyed”but they pass “valuable moments” with the child.

During the court proceedings, British judges reiterated that continuing to offer life support to the child wascontrary to your best interests”.

$!Photograph of Archie in hospital, in a coma since April 7.

Photograph of Archie in hospital, in a coma since April 7.

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The judge Lucy Theisof the family division of the High Court of London, highlighted, when deny transfer to hospice, the “unconditional love and dedication” of the family and stressed that he hoped the child would have the chance to die in peacewith his family”.

This is the most recent case in Britain in which the Doctors’ judgment goes against the family’s wishes. Under British law, courts often intervene when parents and doctors disagree about a child’s treatment. In these cases, what is more convenient for the child prevails over the parental right to decide what is best for your children.

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