Arcom reminds Twitter of its "obligations" online content control legal

Arcom questions “Twitter’s ability to maintain a safe environment” for its users, explains in a letter the president of the French audiovisual regulator, Roch-Olivier Maistre.

Arcom reminded Twitter on Monday of its “obligations” in the fight against disinformation and hateful content, expressing its “deep concern” after the haemorrhage of departures affecting the social network since its takeover by Elon Musk, in a letter consulted by AFP.

In a letter addressed to the European headquarters of Twitter in Dublin, the president of the French audiovisual regulator, Roch-Olivier Maistre, recalls that the firm with the blue bird decided at the beginning of November to separate from half of its employees, “or 3,700 people”, and “about 75%” of its service providers.

Twitter had claimed, in a questionnaire published by the CSA (predecessor of Arcom) last year, to employ 1,867 people dedicated to “the application of (its) policies and the moderation of content”, i.e. “more than a third” of its “global workforce”.

Until November 24 to confirm

The social network, which had 5.6 million unique visitors per day in France in September, according to M├ędiametrie, must in particular “fight against the manipulation of information” under a dedicated law adopted at the end of 2018.

Twitter is also “subject to all obligations of means” to fight against hateful content, provided for by law for confidence in the digital economy.

If he cannot sanction the platform, the regulator is responsible for ensuring the proper application of these obligations. Arcom thus asks the social network, by “November 24 at the latest”, to “confirm” that it is “able” to deal with it and “to inform it of the evolution to short term of the human and technological resources” devoted to it.

The regulator warns that it wants to “more broadly ensure” Twitter’s involvement “in the implementation” of the European law on digital services (DSA), which is far more restrictive.

This historic regulation, which Twitter will have to apply around the summer of 2023, authorizes the European Commission to impose fines on platforms of up to 6% of their global turnover, or even a ban on operating in the EU in the event of repeated serious offenses

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