ARD-Talk: "Anne Will": Lauterbach to fourth vaccination – "Nobody knows"

Will a fourth corona vaccination be necessary in spring? Health Minister Lauterbach confesses to “Anne Will”: Nobody knows that yet.

If the “Welt” editor-in-chief Dagmar Rosenfeld has its way, then the new traffic light government has made a “great start” in terms of staging by creating a “common narrative”. She means, among other things, the “almost legendary selfie” or a “redeemer equal” in black and white photographed Olaf Scholz.

“The first deeds were by no means as successful as the pictures,” said the journalist. For example, the Infection Protection Act has already had to be improved three times, and the opinion on mandatory vaccination has been changed, Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) is about to adopt a supplementary budget and the AfD head the interior committee.

“Anne Will”: These were the guests:

  • Katrin Göring-Eckhardt (Greens), Vice-President of the Bundestag
  • Karl Lauterbach (SPD), health economist and epidemiologist
  • Norbert Roettgen (CDU), candidate for the chairmanship of the party
  • Wolfgang Merkel, Political scientist
  • Dagmar Rosenfeld, Editor-in-Chief “Die Welt”
  • Read more about the guests here

Political scientist Wolfgang Merkel finds the pictures mentioned by Rosenfeld “not so shiny and iconic”. He sees the fact that Olaf Scholz has given himself so much time in the pandemic to name Karl Lauterbach as Minister of Health as a foretaste of “how he will govern”. He calls the nomination of the minister a “plebiscite of the talk shows”. Lauterbach himself is not of the opinion that he became a minister because of talk shows, he protests violently – and Will agrees with him.

Democracy researcher Merkel currently sees the biggest problem in the fact that “politicians have said without necessity that there will be no compulsory vaccination.” With regard to the institution-related and possibly following general vaccination obligation, which was decided this week, Rosenfeld von Lauterbach wants to know: “Have you really done everything to get people to vaccinate?” Read about it: This high fine threatens vaccination refusals

Lauterbach on “Anne Will”: “Other countries would certainly also consider compulsory vaccination

The Minister of Health says that one Compulsory vaccination is now necessary due to the new variants. “What we can still do would not be enough to survive all the waves.” His strategy to have practically no more deaths and “finally to be in front of the waves” is: “We have to try to break the delta wave and we have to boost and defeat the new waves with the new vaccines.” Lauterbach is convinced that other countries would also consider compulsory vaccination. This might interest you: How dangerous is Omikron for children?

He had read in the newspaper about the need for a fourth vaccination soon, he said Minister of Health. But whether and when this is actually necessary, “simply nobody knows at this point in time,” he says. He considers the facility-related vaccination requirement “absolutely necessary” because although nurses are often vaccinated, “kitchen helpers and podiatrists are often unvaccinated. If they bring the virus into facilities and someone becomes infected, people die. With Omikron, that gets even worse.” . “

Anne Will – This is how past programs ran

“Anne Will” on ARD: presenter calls analysis of Röttgen “forgotten about history”

Whether the previous exclusion of a compulsory vaccination was a mistake wants Anne Will know from Bundestag Vice-President Kathrin Göring-Eckhardt. “We don’t need to be vaccinated because we’ve messed up something,” she says. “We didn’t know that the variants would be so aggressive. We thought that we would need a lot less immune to break the wave.”

After asking the moderator several times there Goering-Eckart but with regard to the expiry of the “epidemic emergency of national scope” on November 25, 2021: “It was a mistake to suggest that the pandemic is no longer so dangerous.” Norbert Röttgen also considers this to be a “serious mistake” and wants to see the blame for it at the traffic lights, which he explains in detail.

Anne Will calls this a “history-forgotten analysis” and wants to know whether that is the way the CDU wants to pursue opposition politics in the future. Thereupon Röttgen also admits mistakes in the old federal government. “Does that make your work difficult, Mr. Lauterbach?” Asks Anne Will. “If we are discussing like that, definitely. It doesn’t help,” says the Minister of Health. “We have to inform people about Omikron and about the boosters”, he emphasizes his priorities. Also read: Triage: What happens when the last hospital bed is occupied

Anne Will – More information about the talk show & presenter

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