ARD talk: “Anne Will” on arms deliveries: why is Scholz hesitating?

Tanks for Ukraine? With “Anne Will” it became clear that the Foreign Minister had to take a difficult position on this issue.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) does not want to single-handedly deliver battle tanks to Ukraine. It depends on the partners in the EU and NATO. Looks like Germany leadership role out? at “Anne Will” this issue was discussed on Sunday evening. Annalena Baerbock is a phenomenon: While the other members of the traffic light government are mired in war and energy turmoil, the Foreign Minister seems to be hovering over things. The international stage instead of the small stuff of federal politics helps her just as much as the fact that Baerbock has arrived well in office.

With “Anne Will” it was now possible to observe what happens when Baerbock has to return to this very small child. “Battle tanks for the Ukraine – why is the federal government hesitating?” was the title of the program.

“Anne Will”: Those were the guests

  • Annalena Baerbock (Foreign Minister, Greens)
  • Michael Müller (Member of the Bundestag, SPD)
  • Roderich Kiesewetter (Member of the Bundestag, CDU)
  • Egon Ramms (Ex-Bundeswehr General)
  • Anne Applebaum (American historian and journalist)

During the performance, it became clear that Baerbock did not have an easy position when it came to battle tanks. Because the Greens and FDP can certainly imagine supplying the Ukraine with the required device – while large parts of the SPD are walling around Chancellor Olaf Scholz. However, the traffic light partners are apparently still not striving for an open discussion about this.

In any case, Baerbock chose a prudent path: on the one hand, she supported the chancellor in her arguments; on the other hand, flashed from time to time that the foreign minister could imagine more.

“I’m all for delivering everything that makes a difference,” Baerbock said at one point, for example. A clear statement, because battle tanks can of course make a difference. However, Baerbock put it into perspective again: it is crucial that the deliveries can actually be used. Read an interview with the Federal Minister of Defense here: Minister Lambrecht warns: “Putin is unpredictable”

Ukraine Crisis – The most important news about the war

Baerbock with Anne Will: Foreign Minister on the line from Scholz

The Greens were back in line with the Chancellor. Since the Ukrainians on Leopard tank are not trained, he cannot be deployed quickly anyway, explained Baerbock. “If the material is used incorrectly, it breaks and has to be repaired.”

Baerbock also referred to Olaf Scholz’s efforts to go it alone: ​​only when several Western partners decide together to help with battle tanks can Ukraine really be supported. “We are constantly in consultation with each other,” Baerbock finally said, looking at the Chancellor. Also read: “Hard but fair”: Melnyk has praise for Germany

“Anne Will”: Baerbock provides questionable arguments

The superficially clear positioning of the chancellor takes the wind out of the sails of those who are trying to put him under pressure. On the other hand, Baerbock used arguments that sometimes do not seem conclusive. Couldn’t Germany also become active independently of its partners and take the lead? Do you really have to fear an escalation from Putin if you supply main battle tanks? And wouldn’t a few German tanks make a difference in Ukraine?

The reasons for the hesitant attitude were also criticized in the group. “We could have started training in May,” said CDU politician Roderich Kiesewetter. And the former NATO General Egon Ramms added that training on the Leopard I goes quite quickly: “Take 40 days, then it’s November. That helps Ukraine.”

“Anne Will”: The Ukrainian recaptures prove supporters of arms deliveries right

For now, in the main battle tank question, no traffic light dispute to threaten, at least at cabinet level. In Parliament and its committees, however, the voices calling for a solution are increasing. No wonder, since the Ukrainian recaptures prove those who spoke out in favor of arms deliveries to be right. So it is quite possible that Annalena Baerbock will have to descend into federal politics more often on the issue.

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