Are alternative products really a solution for smoking?

When we think of tobacco control, the first solution that comes to mind is ” stop smoking “. However, giving up cigarettes overnight is not an easy process for smokers. Worse, an overwhelming majority of them continue to smoke even after being diagnosed with a serious illness.

This is why manufacturers are now focusing on the development of intermediate solutions made up of less harmful products. The question was also the central theme of the last Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN) which was held from June 16 to 18, in Warsaw, Poland.

And among the innovations in less toxic alternative products is heated tobacco, notably the IQOS devices developed by Philip Morris.

Heated tobacco, up to 95% less toxic substances

You should first know that heated tobacco and other alternatives are aimed at smokers who cannot give up cigarettes. It is therefore a less harmful alternative solution, not an incentive for non-smokers to buy these devices.

This is what Tommaso Di Giovanni, communications manager at Philip Morris, said in a statement to Algerie360: “Our objective, he said, is to replace conventional cigarettes as quickly as possible with less dangerous products who do not burn tobacco “.

In fact, the main cause of smoking-related illnesses lies in the hundreds of toxic components released from burnt tobacco (tar, carbon monoxide, etc.). “Combustion of tobacco, explains Dr. Khayat, releases more than 800 toxic agents of which at least 80 are carcinogenic”. Thus, the elimination of combustion drastically decreases the quantity of these agents.

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Philip Morris IQOS devices, already millions of followers

Among the world leaders in heated tobacco solutions are the IQOS devices, from Philip Morris. These eliminate up to 95% of the toxic substances generated by conventional cigarettes. A brand manager says in this regard that the company has carried out thousands of analyzes of the IQOS aerosol; analyzes verified by several independent authorities, including the FDA in the United States. IQOS technology, sold in more than 70 countries, currently has more than 20 million consumers.

This figure represents in the eyes of the oncologist, Dr. Khayat: “the portion of smokers who, while not giving up cigarettes, wish to reduce their health risks. »

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