“Are only human”: Party photos show William and Kate’s wild side

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Of: Larissa Glunz

William and Kate used to party wildly in clubs, but now the parents of three are taking it a little easier.  (photomontage)
William and Kate used to party wildly in clubs, but now the parents of three are taking it a little easier. (Photomontage) © Zuma Press/i Images/Imago

William and Kate keep appointment after appointment, but the couple used to hang out at the club on a regular basis. Forgotten photos bring back memories of the Cambridges’ wild days. The royals obviously can’t say no to boisterous parties either.

London – Three children, a family dog, an apartment in the palace: Prince William (40) and Kate Middleton (40) a picture book marriage. They dutifully fulfill their duties as senior royals and parents. One or the other would probably describe their lifestyle as stuffy, but the ducal couple has had a wild party time.

William and Kate hit the dance floor

William and Kate seem to spend most of their Friday nights at home these days, but a few years ago they were still out and about in London’s nightlife. A short TikTok video that has garnered millions of views shows the couple in their 20s exploring the club scene at night.

The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II (96) and Kate – at that time William’s girlfriend – clearly have fun, as the recordings show. They dance exuberantly on the dance floor or laugh and take a seat in the waiting taxi. Apparently they also treated themselves to drinks back then.

The royals also go to clubs: party photos make William and Kate likeable

The snapshots of Kate with tousled hair and William with his eyes no longer quite clear are met with pure enthusiasm by many TikTok users. “Nice to see her happy and relaxed,” one user commented, while others described the photos as “young and wild” and “we’re only human.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton are no longer over the top these days, preferring quiet country retreats to noisy, crowded clubs. When the parents of three want to switch off, they happily travel to their country home Anmer Hall in Norfolk or to Scotland. There, William and Kate can call the hidden cottage Tam Na Ghar their own. Sources used: tiktok.com

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