Are Samsung’s folding smartphones strong? We have the answer

News hardware Are Samsung’s folding smartphones strong? We have the answer

Smartphone brands try to innovate every day in order to offer the most elegant, practical and solid products to their customers. This is the case of Samsung, which demonstrated their ability to create foldable touchscreen smartphones with the Galaxy Fold from 2019.

Galaxy Flip and Fold: in search of the perfect materials

A smartphone is an object that requires a particular delicacy, unlike a desktop computer where the components can be quite large, here you have to think about the arrangement of the different components in a very thin shell. With our smartphones that have been refined over generations, creating structures capable of accommodating the internal modules of a telephone has become a real technological feat.

With the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Flip smartphones, Samsung engineers had to redouble their efforts to come up with solutions for this new type of design.

Through their research and development section, the Samsung Display subsidiary designed a pOLED (Plastic OLED) display capable of folding in on itself, which the company later dubbed the Infinity Flex display.

To protect this foldable screen, Samsung has called on the company Gorilla Glass specialist in the field to create an additional layer on the slab to make it more resistant to shocks.

But of course, The screen is not the only important thing in the design of a foldable smartphone, you also have to do some hard work on the hinges.

Indeed, the most complex elements developed by Samsung engineers are the aluminum hinges. For the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3, the South Korean company has created and patented a specific alloy called Armor Aluminum.

This technology allows them to equip their smartphones with aluminum parts that are 10% more resistant and rigid than the aluminum used by the majority of smartphones.even higher end.

By folding the smartphone, the engineers had to plan for the contact of the two parts when closing. So the firm produced flexible printed circuits responsible for transmitting information between the two parts of the smartphone.

Can the Samsung Galaxy Flip and Fold smartphones break?

This is obviously an important question for users, like clamshell phones, can the Flip and Fold break, or would it just reduce their resistance to closing?

According to Samsung internal tests, engineers estimate that users can open their Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 smartphone no less than 200,000 times. To give you an idea, you would have to open your Fold 3 and Flip 3 100 times a day for more than 5 years for the resistance of the hinge to start to weaken.

The engineers were concerned about the use of future customers and sought to highlight the best of their technologies to create smartphones that are both resistant and sporting a more than original design.

On the screen side, Samsung has opted for two separate AMOLED screens for the Flip 3 linked by a flexible printed circuit. Samsung learning from their mistakes, this generation of screens has a resistance considered 80% stronger than the last of the brand.

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