Are there changes to the Rent Law?

The Government will promote in Congress a new project to replace the current Rental Law, which has been in force since July 2020 but due to its effects on the prices paid by tenants and on the real estate market, it is considered a “failure”. The new project will begin to be analyzed shortly, as Sergio Massa announced this week during the ceremony for Construction Day.

“In the previous government, Congress sanctioned, not in bad faith, but seeking a solution to a problem, a law that failed. The Rentals Law, which was intended to insure tenants and owners, ended up reducing the offer, reducing the possibility of developing the business and also generating uncertainty and difficulties for the tenant, ”said the president of the Chamber of Deputies.

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The norm had been approved by the Chamber of Deputies in November 2019, during the government of Mauricio Macri but ended up being sanctioned by the Senate in June 2020, during the administration of Alberto Fernández.

“We have to discuss a new Law on Rentals, that gives the owner certainty and guarantees and peace of mind to the tenant so that the sector can freely develop that noble undertaking that it has throughout the country ”, added Massa.

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According to the deputy Marcela Passo, who will be one of the promoters of the new project, the key points to modify are two: updating rents, which today is done once a year according to an index that combines 50% the variation in wages and 50% inflation and the duration of the contracts, which lasted from two to three years.

“We are analyzing a new project. The Rentals Law promoted by Mauricio Macri failed because today there are no certainties neither for the tenants nor for the owners. But it is a law that also came out by broad consensus, so we do not want to impose a project but we are going to sit down with all the parties. The terms and updates of the contracts are the points that generate the most uncertainty and they are part of the work to come, ”said Passo.

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