"Are you afraid of going back to college?": the raw testimony of the shot student

He told me: ‘I’m afraid to go back to college. I do not want to get back’”. the one who speaks is Carolinathe mother of the UNLP Journalism student who was shot near the academic unit of 63 and 118. It all happened when the victim was returning home from school and was surprised by two criminals aboard a car. One of them shot him at close range and finally had to be hospitalized urgently.

The 21-year-old is recovering favorably but will have to undergo surgery in the next few hours due to the seriousness of the gunshot wound he suffered in his right leg. “He is still in the San Martín Hospital, where they brought him last night. The bullet caused an exposed fracture in the tibia of the right leg. And he is undergoing studies because he will have to undergo surgery. He later he will be transferred to Ipensa”, said the woman.

Notoriously distressed by the situation suffered by her son, Carolina remarked that “he had a good night” and “now it has a supplement, it has screws and nails. The bullet affected the bone, that’s why you have to operate it yes or yes“, complete.

In that sense, he added that one of his son’s concerns is knowing how his leg will look after the operation. “It’s all very recent and the doctors couldn’t tell us how his leg is going to turn out. The most important thing is that there was no compromised organ, muscle or artery, if he couldn’t have bled to death. He is calm, in good spirits. He has a barbaric indignation because he works, studies, plays sports“, he stressed in statements to El Día.

The victim lives just two blocks from the Faculty and has already stated that “he is afraid to return.” “I told him that when he recovers, he should go by car. He was scared after everything he lived“revealed the student’s mother. Finally, Carolina announced that a period of rehabilitation and use of crutches awaits her. “The wish is that he can recover because he is an excellent person, he has many dreams and practices a lot of sports“, he concluded.

As reported 0221.com.areverything happened around 10 pm in the vicinity of 62 and 118, an area characterized by the movement generated by the UNLP faculties that are based in the place.

The student from the Faculty of Journalism and Social Communication was intercepted by two armed men, who immediately let him know their intentions and finally opened fire on him to reduce him.

Several neighbors went to the door of their homes and ended up assisting the young man who was lying on the sidewalk with a shot in one of his legs. They were the ones who transferred the young man to the San Martín Hospital. Fortunately, his life is not in danger. For its part, the educational community of the Faculty expressed concern about the crime wave that threatens the tranquility of student life.

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